November 24, 2003

Maybe we won't all lose our jobs

Dell abandons Indian call centers after "complaints about the quality of technical support have caused the company to move support for its Optiplex desktops and Latitude notebooks back to U.S. call centers in Texas, Idaho and Tennessee".

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November 18, 2003

Pioneer Tivo DVD Burners

I really like the idea of the Pioneer DVD Recorder with Built-In TiVo except that I want one that has a DirecTV receiver in it as well. The latter would let you skip the MPEG-Analog back to MPEG step, and keep quality substantially higher.

I lov my current DirecTivo (oops, I mean, "DirecTV receiver with TiVo service") but wish I had a nobrainer way to archive programs to DVD. (Current method is rolling them to MiniDV to my Mac to iDVD which takes FOREVER).

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November 15, 2003


Cnet is buying, shutting it down and deleting all the content (tons and tons of songs).

That's pretty sad.

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November 06, 2003

Did they really do it or just say they did?

Research company NPD Group claims that more than a million households deleted all the digital music files they had saved on their PCs in August.

Personally, I think all the respondents lied. How would you answer the question: do you have illegal music files on your computer still, or have you erased them all?

Nice PR move RIAA.

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WiFi SIP Phone

This looks good- a WiFi SIP phone from Pulver that looks more like a standard cordless phone.

Pulver may just be the next big name in VoIP services, building and bundling products like this.

The beauty of WiFi is that you can take your phone number with you whenever. And in most cases, the sound quality is a magnitude better than cell phones.

VoIP is headed on a track to kill existing circuit-switched telephony. The quality is there now. The only reason more people aren't moving to cell phones for their only phone is lack of coverage inside certain buildings and poor sound quality.

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