October 12, 2003

Blame Californians

California voters have only themselves to blame: Gene Collier writes that Arnold got elected because so many people got out and voted, people who normally don't vote:

``Coupla years ago in Minnesota, they got out the vote big time. Millions of veteran nonvoters flocked to the polls in the goobernatorial race. They elected a pro wrestler. Tuesday in California, they got out the vote. Millions who rarely, if ever, vote, by a 64-36 percent margin preferred Kindergarten Cop to Cruz Bustamante.``

Yes indeed. Too many of my fellow Californians decided to vote for their favorite person as opposed to the person who would govern the state best.

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October 11, 2003

Asmatha youths bused for sharing inhaler

Yahoo! News - Teenager In Trouble In Inhaler Incident
Teenage girl "forgot to bring her medication to their school, Caney Creek High School, on Sept. 24. When she had trouble breathing, she went to the nurse's office. Out of concern, [her friend] let her use his inhaler. "

But here's the catch: "the school nurse said it was a violation of the district's no-tolerance drug policy, and reported Kivi to the campus police. "

Stupid laws used out of context. Really, really stupid.

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October 08, 2003

Conan the Governor

Looks like California has elected Schwarzenegger. At least San Francisco overwhelmingly supported Bustamante and opposed the recal.

I voted no on the recall. I think it was a huge waste of money. Only takes a million signatures. You can bet that there will be a recall of Arnold now! I'm already hearing from people who want to start the process. And considering that it's projected that 3 million people will have voted for Bustamante it should be easy to get a million signatures for the recall of Arnold.

I predict an endless chain of recalls soon, which will be really really bad for California, because businesses aren't going to want to be in a state that the leadership is always up in the air.

I'm scared to think what's next.

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October 06, 2003

More Burning Man censorship

Burning Man first sold out its participants in 2001, when law enforcement forced JiffyLube Camp to take down their animated art installation of two men "engaged in anal intercourse". The camp pleaded to BMORG to support them, but Larry Harvey sided with law enforcement and dismissed the group's art as unimportant. This was the first well known act of censorship at Burning Man.

In the last few years, theft and drug use have been the hot items to censor.

Recently, BMORG insisted that TechTV remove drug references from their story Getting Down in the Desert. At the end of the online article now, it says "Editor's Note: This story was ammended to remove drug references from an earlier version at Burning Man's request. Burning Man is understandably concerned about any association of their event with drug use."

Three cheers for the TechTV editors who didn't let the BMORG censorship remain invisible.

Burning Man, which was founded on "Radical Free Expression" has now become the home of "Radical Free Oppression!" This is the same attitude that has made the event far less enjoyable and impactful.

This year, the vibe was more like Spring Break than the Burning Man of years past. I've been going since 1995, and it has been going downhill since 1997 - the same year the first LLC event production company was formed.

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October 05, 2003

Mysterious Building

That strange building with no ground level windows and lots of TV cameras pointing at all the entrances at 1320 Bryant Street in San Francisco turns out to be the new Byer Garment warehouse. Byer Properties owns lots of buildings in the bay area, and

From what I read about the Allan and Marian Byer they bought lots of former railroad right of way property and have developed much of it.

This building was built where a bike/green path to SoMa was proposed, and they run a clothing manufacturing business in several buildings along Division near Bryant. The new building is behind their outlet store.

I'm surprised that they're doing as much garment manufacturing as they are... I thought all that was done overseas these days. Perhaps they mostly make money on their real estate investments?

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October 01, 2003

Why Apple will Survive

Why Apple will survive: They still give a damn about design and packaging and "feel"

At work, I have a G4 and 20" Cinema Display (I know, I'm lucky). I also have a Shuttle Intel-Windows sytem and even though the Shuttle is 2.4ghz and has a really nice Samsung flat panel display, everyone wants the Mac.

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