December 13, 2004

TSA "not just looking for Explosives"

The nice folks at the TSA are looking for more than just bombs in baggage these days. Apparently it's open season for all your baggage to be searched for whatever the prerogative, and you can be arrested for whatever they find.

John Parry Barlow was ``was hauled off an airplane that was about to depart San Francisco for New York and charged with the misdemeanor possession of controlled substances that had allegedly been discovered during a search of my checked baggage.``

BarlowFriendz: December 2004 Archives: ``There is a lot at stake here. Although, as I say, the 4th Amendment is in rough shape, it remains quite clear in its prohibition of "general warrants," which are searches of unspecified members of the public for evidence of random illegal activity. But, whether by design or "mission drift," this is what TSA's checked baggage searches increasingly resemble. They're not just looking for explosives, folks.``

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