August 04, 2004

Your car will be watching you

Safety officials recommend requiring `black boxes' for passenger vehicles

``"We believe very strongly that vehicles should have a black box," NTSB chairman Ellen Engleman Conners said``

Black Boxes won't make cars safer. They'll just make investigations easier. And your insurance company will love them!

Your car might already have one!

``The NTSB recommended black boxes two months after the top federal auto safety agency, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said it saw no need to require them because automakers are adding them voluntarily to more models.``

The recorder, a four-inch square metal box, is currently installed in most recent GM vehicles and select 2000 and later Ford vehicles.†You can get a automobile black box reader which gives you such information as ``vehicle speed, brake switch status, percent throttle, and engine speed for 5 seconds prior to impact, as well as the post-impact delta-V or change in speed. The driverís seatbelt circuit status, airbag warning lamp status, ignition cycles at deployment and since the accident, and some other data may also be recorded, again depending on the SDM used in each particular vehicle.``

``The highway safety agency says between 65 percent and 90 percent of 2004 vehicles have some sort of recording ability. About 15 percent of vehicles have data recorders.``

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