March 19, 2004

Your chances of dying due to...

From the National Safety Council: What are the Odds of Dying? Statistics 2000

A few notes: you have a 1 in 77 chance of dying in a transportation related accident. A 1 in 70 chance of dying through a non-transportation accident (e.g. slipping, falling, etc). A 1 in 122 chance of dying through intentional self-harm (self poisoning, hanging, shooting yourself). A 1 on 331 change of being shot wih a firearm. And a 1 in 1,060 change of dying in a fire (or through exposure to smoke and fumes and flames caused by the fire).

There are some more death statistics, such as 114 people die each day from car accidents, and that you have a 0.00003% chance of being seriously injured or killed in a commercial aviation accident.

In fact, 20,000 people die from the flu or complications from the flu every year.

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