February 10, 2004

Stock in Big Brother

Acxiom is the new Big Brother, and the new surveilance society we live in is keeping their share price high!

According to a document obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center under the Freedom of Information Act, ``a senior Acxiom official offered to help the agency with TIA, and suggested methods to avoid public scrutiny of the transfer of data from the company to the government.``

Excerpt from that document:
"Ultimately, the U.S. may need huge databases of commercial transactions that cover the world or certain areas outside the U.S. This information provides economic utility, and thus provides reasons why foreign countries would be interested. Acxiom could build this mega-scale database."

This is the same company who is providing the US Government with a vast computerized system to probe the backgrounds of all passengers boarding flights in the United States.

There are more than 250 Acxiom clients representing the financial services, retail, telecommunications, travel and entertainment and technology industries. Big brother in the guise of better customer service!

Comforting isn't it?

PS - A good reason you shouldn't not vote for Wesley Clarke is that he's been on their board of directors, and is still involved with them.

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