July 11, 2003

Strip for security

Airport Screeners ask everyone to remove shoes: first it was belts, now shoes. We're being prepared to be strip serched before flying. If they do it gradually, the public won't make an outcry.

I personally had an experience at the Las Vegas airport just like this one quoted in the article:

"I was unhappy when I flew out of Ontario (San Bernardino County) this morning and they asked me to take my shoes off," said Kenji Kingsford, a Southern California high-tech executive. "I didn't, because my shoes don't ever set off the metal detector.
"But then they said I had to go through the manual inspection. I said, 'Why? The detector didn't go off.' They said, 'Because you didn't voluntarily take them off.' "
"I thought they were punishing me for not 'voluntarily' removing my shoes," he said.

So, this makes me wonder: how soon until there is an airport-spread athlete's foot epidemic?

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